The Shoreditch Files


Hey everyone. Not much to tell you this month as I’ve been fairly busy with the new job which is going well. I wanted to share some pics of London as I’ve not left the city in a month. Bethnal Green and Brick Lane is a very vibrant place for taking pictures. The stark graffiti makes for great backdrops and anyone coming to London and wanting to do photoshoots.

Shoreditch in general is very busy, with lots of trendy bars and cool restaurants. I’d avoid the curry mile, I’ve been there a few times and the service is miserable wherever you go and the food is uniformly dreadful. I’ve heard Dishoom is good, as is the Hawksmoor, but I go to Blanchette or Andina.

Not a sponsored post and a little bit all over the place, but hope you enjoy some of the pictures. I’ve linked to my Instagram account which I try and update daily.

Graffiti-London-Brick_lane Street-Cat-Black London-Police-Training-Cycling Brick-Lane-Things-To-Do Lamborghini-Black-London

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