Lenzburg in Pictures


The following pictures were taken in Lenzburg. It takes about 30 by train from Zurich and you’ll struggle to find much to do. The missus and I hiked from the train station to the Esterliturm, a watch tower in the forest. Should have taken 1 hour but we got lost and ended up taking 3 hours there and back. It’s not easy to find even when you get to the woods. Ask the locals and stick to the main tracks.

It’s free to go up and worth the hike, no food stalls en route so pack some lunch.

All images lead to the Pinterest travel page for our sister site Human Research.

Lenzburg-forest Lenzburg-winter Lenzburg-esterliturm lenzburg-tower lenzburg-things-to-do lenzburg-track lenzburg-scenery lenzburg-tower lenzburg-town lenzburg-woman  lenzburg-winter

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